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African Department Economic Development

March 9, 2017

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African Economic Development

The newsletter complements the bimonthly magazine and reports on South African Research Council, news, politics, culture, business and travel. It likewise informs about important Africa-related events in Germany. The report has been produced by the IUCN Types Survival Commission’s African Journal of wildlife research, in partnership with Vulcan Inc, a Paul G. Allen business, and Kenya-based charity Save the Elephants. It draws on data from the African Elephant Database of the IUCN African Elephant Professional Group. Which is the most thorough spatial database on the status of any extensive mammal types in the wild.

It provides more than 275 brand-new or updated quotes for specific elephant populations across Africa, with over 180 of these developing from methodical studies. The report sums up – for the first time in almost a decade – elephant numbers at the continental.

Best African Poker Players

Poker is a global game that has boomed in the last decade with the internet. Being players’ top choice for online casino games, the popularity of poker is of a great importance for Canadian, UK and USA online casinos. Discover here why. Sadly is not very popular in Africa, but that is changing lately. Here are 5 most know African poker players:

  • Warren Zackey – Has 23 recorded live tournament cashes with total earnings of $834,572
  • Jarred Solomon – Global poker index’s top-ranked player from South Africa with live earnings of $1,276,895
  • Raymond Rahme – Biggest all-time money winner from Africa with live earnings of $3,546,346
  • Eugene Du-Plessis – Not the biggest winner on this list, but very consistent in tournaments with live earnings of $689,036
  • Ronit Chamani – The only woman on our list but she deserved this spot with total live earnings of $664,775

Poker is very easy to play today if you want to try it.

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