Best African Poker Players

Poker is a global game that has boomed in the last decade with the internet. Being players’ top choice for online casino games, the popularity of poker is of a great importance for Canadian, UK and USA online casinos. Discover here why. Sadly is not very popular in Africa, but that is changing lately. Here are 5 most know African poker players:

  • Warren Zackey – Has 23 recorded live tournament cashes with total earnings of $834,572
  • Jarred Solomon – Global poker index’s top-ranked player from South Africa with live earnings of $1,276,895
  • Raymond Rahme – Biggest all-time money winner from Africa with live earnings of $3,546,346
  • Eugene Du-Plessis – Not the biggest winner on this list, but very consistent in tournaments with live earnings of $689,036
  • Ronit Chamani – The only woman on our list but she deserved this spot with total live earnings of $664,775

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