No Longer Optimistic

I’m not going to engage in any in-depth analysis of the current power crisis aflicting the country. Contrary to past form I admit that I am fed up with the poor governance of the ANC coupled with the debacles that are Mbeki and Zuma. This has also forced me towards a distressing conclusion: if I am going to emigrate from South Africa I will have to do so within the next five years.

I admit that I’ve tried to maintain an air of optimism about this country in the past. However the sheer incompetence, ineptitude and corruption exhibited by the ANC and Eskom to bring us to this stage has changed my view. Especially as it seems to be part of a wider deterioration in other local infrastructure, public services and ultimately the socio-political situation.

True, there may be grand pronouncements from government of R150 billion, R300 billion or however many billions that will be spent on such infrastructure and services in the coming years. But in truth I don’t care if it’s R1 trillion or more – they need to deliver results if they want us to place any faith in such statements.

Ultimately this comes when I was seriously considering the possibility of studying an international MBA next year. Unfortunately it’s clear now whether I can do so successfully may be determined by circumstances beyond my control. Yet even if I do, the five year duration I’ve set for either this country to start to come right serves also as enough time for me to sort out any unfinished business I have here; including those of final studies.