Quote for the Day

Quoted for sheer delight:

It’s true enough that not everything requiring virtuosity is “great” art, but it’s also true that art without skill is an oxymoron, and I dismiss out of hand the ridiculous and often-made assertion that artistic merit is an entirely subjective matter which can be divorced from facts about the human mind. Most of what is called “art” today is anything but, mere garbage palmed off on the gullible and easily intimidated by scam artists whose only gift is for baldly making outrageous claims on their own behalf, and the only reason they’re able to get away with it on such a large scale is because so many people are afraid of being labelled “philistines” by snooty urban pseudo-intellectuals and art-school wankers who in the main can’t draw well enough to save their very lives.” – Abiola Lapite