Who is the real Mampara?

Vaz draws attention to Hogarth’s ‘Mampara award’ this last sunday, which was given to Helen Zille, the new mayor of Cape Town.

The Mampara award is basically an ‘idiot award’ for stupid things prominent people have done, and is meant to be insulting or outright derogatory.

This weekend Hogarth apparently took issue with Helen Zille holding up the start of the construction of the new Greenpoint stadium on the basis that it would embarrass the country. It’s a pity though that Hogarth never gave the aspect either as much though or reading time as Vaz and Someamongus did, as demonstrated by the other sources they link to.

First being that the finances allocated to the stadium mean less money available for other urgently required infrastructure projects in Cape Town. That would include things that Hogarth no doubt regards as ‘nuisances’, like transport infrastructure and electricity grids. Things that both the 2010 soccer world cup visitors and no doubt the voters in Cape Town who backed Zille will expect.

That, and how the Greenpoint stadium may well become a white elephant when other construction alternatives may be better considering how several billions of Rands are going to be poured into what may ultimately turn into nothing more than a glorified wasting concrete block.

Maybe Hogarth should give his Mampara award to himself for a change for deriding people who get nervous over wasting several billion Rands at a stroke.