Commentary is an online web journal containing commentary, analysis and thoughts of several South Africans. These range from the personal to public matters, the commercial to the political, philosophical to the physical and artistic to the scientific.

The general philosophical alignment of the writers is classical liberal, or in American political definitions, conservative-libertarian, consisting of both moderate conservative and libertarian thought. This entails a respect for law and order, the promotion of independent thought and the simultaneous support for free market capitalistic economics with practical applications thereto. Small and limited government with de-centralised power structures is another cornerstone.

To summarise almost all our positions in one sentence you may well say we believe in a liberal democratic, meritocratic, capitalistic, federated republic. We obviously differ over the finer points.

John has also completed his Honours in International Relations and is currently completing his Masters after a year teaching English in Japan. Wayne is a Chartered Accountant (SA) with Masters in Computer Auditing and now studying a course in project management. Darren is studying towards a BSc in Computer Science.